El Poder de la ilustracion

The power of illustration on social media

Women’s Day is a special yet delicate day for communication.
Pajarraco was asked by a transport company to create a campaign to encourage participation
online using illustration.

Creating a social media campaign using illustration not only means the format adapts to you,
but also that you create unique content that builds the client’s identity and makes them memorable.

The tone of our client’s brand aims to be fresh and friendly, inviting customers
to stop being customers and just become a person they can help. Here at Pajarraco
we love a good challenge, the ones that make our grey matter work overtime.
Plus, above all, we’re aware that empathising with our clients’ customers is key.
Once you can think, feel and understand like their customers do, you can communicate
just the way they need and, therefore, achieve the client’s goals.